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Xtra power energy drink is a finest taste of energy drink. It contains best ingredients from Germany for a classic taste. Now Xtra power is a Hero in Brand. Xtra Power Energy drink is enhance your body and mind by awarness and reaction speed. Xtra Power Helps you to achieve your best day. Having an Xtra Power, will make you feel an iconic taste. Xtra Power Energy Drink is devoloped in India and UAE and is exported to various country. Today, Xtra power is the fastest moving and leading energy drink brand in India, Afganistan and UAE. People are naming it high performance energy drink. We are producer and supplier of energy drink brand in India, UAE, Middle East.

  • “To know about our product, feel free to contact. We are ready to respond your query”

  • “Xtra Power gives you double the power for your action.”

  • “Xtra Power gives you boost of energy with classic taste.”

  • “We are manufacturer and leading supplier of energy drink brand in India, Gulf Countries;.”


Caffeine activates the central nervous system. It improves reaction speed, alertness and concentration


Taurine is an amino acid. It keeps your mind focus and sharp.


Sucrose is nothing but white sugar. Sucrose provides a quick source of energy to the body.


B-Vitamins play a role in the body's energy production and carbohydrate metabolism.


Pure energy and functionality are Xtra Power Energy Drink's ultimate promise.


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    Carbonated water, Sugar, Glucose, Acidity regulator (Sodium citrate), Preservative (Sodium benzoate), Citric acid, Taurine (0.19%), Caffeine (30mg/100ml), Glucuronolactone (0.08%), Inositol, Vitamins (Niacin, Pantothenic acid, B6), Artificial Flavours (Mix fruit), Colours (Caramel, Riboflavin)..


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    The cans are delivered in Trays which are covered with shrink film. The dimensions of tray is width 215mm, length 325mm and height 140mm. Each tray contains 24x250ml cans. Various distributors are welcome to contact us for export unit.

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    Chelekare Village, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.
  • (91) 80 500 33 222
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